‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2, episode 4 review: Victor goes dress shopping, Vanessa faces witches

Penny Dreadful, Victor FrankensteinOn the last episode of “Penny Dreadful” we had a chance to dig deeper into Eva Green’s character of Vanessa and her past relationship with not only Evelyn and her coven, but also Joan, the cut wife/witch that helped to protect her from Evelyn. Now that Evelyn is back and pushing harder then ever to get her claws into Vanessa to become the Devil’s mate, things are looking bleak. A few episodes ago we saw Evelyn take the heart of a baby and put it into a voodoo doll of Vanessa, and we are curious to see when that’s going to come into play, because no one plays being possessed better then Eva Green!

John: Now that he’s working at the wax museum, he’s starting to feel that he has a purpose again, but the proprietor is thinking of using him and other “freaks” as a live part of the show. He is developing a relationship with the blind daughter, and we hope that there is going to be a real connection between them, something romantic even. Out hearts go out to John every time he’s on the screen and we just want to hug him up.

Ethan: The daughter of the witch is trying to establish a connection with Ethan by having him save her life, but it’s not working. He doesn’t peg her for a witch, but does call her out as another hunter his father has sent for him and he’s able to untangle himself from her fairly quickly. He tells Vanessa about his encounter and she figures out that it was one of the witches, and that puts him more on guard, but not enough to catch the witches in Malcolm/Vanessa’s home. They attack and although they aren’t able to get Vanessa, they are able to escape with some of her hair.

Victor: He’s asked Vanessa to help him buy a dress for Brona/Lily, saying that his cousin is coming into town and that he needs clothing for her. Watching Victor squirm at the dress boutique was delightful since he’s always so confident (at least when it comes to science). He also asks Vanessa if she will have tea with them when she “comes into town” and she accepts. When he returns home and gives Brona/Lily the dress and sees her in it for the first time we see that Victor is definitely falling for her.

We are wondering if the show knows what to do with Dorian since his story isn’t part of the main cast anymore as he plays ping pong with his new romance. He was someone that we were completely involved in during season 1 and we wish he had more of a purpose this season. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Penny Dreadful” and what do you think of the season so far over all now that we are pretty much at the half way point? Leave us a comment below and tell us your opinion. If you want more spoilers on the show, then head over to the link here and we will hook you up. Also, if you want even more great TV news sent your way, then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: Showtime.

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