‘Better Call Saul’: Bob Odenkirk front and center for Emmy promotional ad

Better Call Saul season 1The first season of “Better Call Saul” did a very good job of setting up a variety of great stories, and reminding us to a certain extent of the legacy set up by “Breaking Bad.” It was fun, it was dramatic, and it was virtually everything that we wanted it to be.

Do we think that the show is a serious contender to win a Primetime Emmy Award? That is an entirely different story. This is a very competitive sort of situation, and spin-offs / sequels do not tend to always fare pretty well. Also, the show is probably hurt somewhat by the fact that it is a little bit of a hybrid. It is not dramatic enough to be considered one of the heavier dramas out there. Meanwhile, it is not comedic enough to be a comedy. It’s sitting somewhere in the middle, though it will be submitted as a drama series.

The billboard below, per Deadline, is what those behind the scenes at the show have set up in Hollywood to help sway some early ballots. It is certainly not a coincidence that this is a billboard, given that one of our favorite moments of the entire first season was when Jimmy McGill decided that he was going to stage a stunt in order to bring some publicity for the show.

As of right now, we’d say that Bob Odenkirk is a possible candidate for a nomination alongside Jonathan Banks. As a whole, though, the show may be somewhat of a longshot for its first year.

(Photo: AMC.)

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