‘Chicago PD’ season 2 finale review: Erin Lindsay’s shocking move

Lindsay -There are few things that would surprise us on “Chicago PD” at this point, given that this is for the most part a show that has a real habit of shocking us time and time again. As long as it is realistic to this world, isn’t it possible that almost anything can happen? We like to think so.

Still, we did not expect the idea of Erin Lindsay turning in her badge to be even remotely in the realm of possibility here. Remember that this is a woman who loves her job, loves her badge, and loves what she fights for. Sure, we saw her give the badge up earlier this season, but it was just in order to take another job at the task force. This has an air of greater permanence to it.

As for why, it really all ties back to the death of Nadia, though we imagine that the recent gun-in-her-face incident is leaving some marks of its own. While Voight has been able to help her with many different problems over the years, this was one situation in which he really could not assist in. She has to face her own demons, and with her getting closer to her mother again and succumbing to old demons, she does not think that she is worthy of the job anymore.

We expect Halstead and others to be involved now in coming to her side, and trying to help her see more of the light. We did at least have some other happy news for another popular couple tonight: Ruzek and Burgess are hopefully getting married! You never know with this show, but the proposal was a step in the right direction. Grade: B+.

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