‘Mad Men’ series finale podcast: Talking ‘Person to Person,’ Don’s endgame with Jessa

“Mad Men” is sadly over following a tremendous run on television!

Person to Person,” an episode that really put communication on a pedestal and emphasized its overall importance, whether it be through emotional conversations with strangers (see Don Draper and the man at the commune), or between longtime friends like Peggy and Stan, who started to really see each other in a different way. Ironically, that scene between those two is probably the one part of the finale that we are the most down on at the moment.

Some of the far-reaching topics in this podcast include the following:

1. Whether or not we felt like the Coca-Cola brand implementation at the end of the finale was right, and also some of the reaction that Coke has had since to being included in the series finale. For the most part, they are happy!

2. If we actually think that Don Draper is going to be happy, or if this is just another temporary diversion like we have seen so many times before.

3. The respective endgames for many of the supporting characters, whether it be Joan, Roger, Pete, or Peggy.

4. Whether or not there were any characters we really feel like we needed to see in the series finale who were not there.

5. What the cast and creator Matthew Weiner could do moving forward after this show.

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