‘The Bachelorette’ spotlight: Meet Shawn Booth, another personal trainer

Shawn B -We get it, producers of “The Bachelorette“: We know you really like to put contestants with muscles on your show! Shawn Booth is the third personal trainer that we have profiled, and we’re getting a little tired of hitting some of the same notes over and over again. If nothing else, we’ll at least give him a tiny amount of credit for at least looking a little less like the typical personal trainer, and a little more like a guy who you would see working at a really hipster bookstore or something.

There are times when we have to almost make up our own narratives for Shawn, given that there is really not that much known about him even after reading his bio and seeing information online. He feels surprisingly ordinary for this show.

Name – Shawn Booth

Age – 28

Hometown – Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Occupation – Personal trainer. We feel like we have already went over that pretty extensively…

First Impression – He does have at least a little bit of a sense of humor, given that he listed One Direction as one of his favorite artists. Yet, he seems to be taking this still seriously, and there are aspects of his personality that make him seem fairly likable and the sort of guy who really is here for “the right reasons.”

Worst Impression – If we wanted to nit-pick here, we could criticize him for wanting to be the Hulk, and then acting like he would be in control of his capacities enough to do what he says he would in his bio: Visit his nephew and yell “Hulk, Smash.” Hey, at least he does know the terminology.

Prediction – We tend to get very bored with the fitness types on this show, but Shawn B. at least seems to be a pretty nice guy. We just don’t know how much we are going to remember him and if he will stand out enough to make it far.

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