‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6, episode 2 review: Is Penny having doubts about Leonard?

Here it is -Leonard and Penny’s relationship hasn’t been an easy one on “The Big Bang Theory” and although we are pretty sure that these two are end game for the show, the journey has definitely had it’s ups and downs. While Leonard has always seemed fairly certain that Penny is the woman for him, she has been a flight risk. She has always picked men that she knows deep down would never last, and since she’s been with Leonard, she has really struggled with it because she knows that he could be the one.

In this episode, Penny is starting to get cold feet about her relationship with Leonard again and tells Bernadette and Amy that she thinks she may break up with him yet again. Because Penny hasn’t made a decision about Leonard, she asks them not to tell anyone (especially their men since they will likely blab to Leonard) and even though they agree, Amy spills the secret to Sheldon.

Now we all know how Sheldon is with keeping secrets or having to lie to people so his struggle to keep this information is haunting him. Instead of going to Leonard with what he knows, he instead goes to Penny’s apartment, wakes her up and pushes her not to break up with Leonard, but she can’t help how she feels.

The next day she decides to talk to Leonard about how she’s feeling, but before she can do so, she sees how much he loves her and instead ends up in bed with him. So are things good between them now? She says that she is comfortable moving forward since the idea of marriage isn’t in the immediate future and that helps her with her fears.

We also had a fun Raj story as he tries to replace Howard with Stuart in the group, but Sheldon will only accept Stuart if he acts exactly like Howard. Speaking of Howard, he’s having a tough time at the space station since his co-astronauts are bullying him and standing up to them has only made it worse.

It’s never a fun episode to see Penny dealing with her self doubt and insecurity with her relationship with Leonard, but at the same time we know that if they end up together in the end that this will all be part of the big pay off! At least they are still together for now and if they keep moving at a slower pace there should be no more reason for them to split. Episode grade: C+

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