‘Outlander’ finale spoilers: See Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan in ‘To Ransom a Man’s Soul’ promo

If the events of Saturday night’s “Outlander” episode were not enough to get you on edge for the finale, we imagine that the promo below will do the trick. We are extremely close to the end of the road this season, and we imagine that the events of this last episode will certainly have you excited and then some to see what happens next and how it’s all going to tie up.

What we know for the time being is that “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” is the title for the episode, and the question that you are meant to wonder right now is this: How far is Claire going to be willing to go to save Jamie? If she chooses to embrace his new darkness, is there any way that she can return from it? This is a man who will be forever changed by what happened to him in the prison, and if he is able to recover from what happened to him, it will be a long process.

As for how this season is going to conclude, there is a part of us that feels like it would be a really great way to tie together the season to touch back on some of the original themes. This was a show about a woman from the future trying to understand the past and survive in it, and there are still many questions about the how and why of it all.

Also, eventually we are going to see Frank Randall and the present come back into play again. It may not be until season 2, but you should be aware that it’s coming and will of course have implications to Claire.

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