‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Stephen Fishbach, Shane Powers lead our ballot for the men

Second Chance -Over the past nine days or so, we have individually spotlight all of the contestants on “Survivor: Second Chance.” It’s been a crazy undertaking, but a fun one! We don’t often get a chance to re-watch old seasons, and this was a really good chance to remember some of the great characters of years past.

So now that we are through with this, we thought we would go ahead and share over the course of the weekend our ballot! We’ve made a few adjustments here and there since voting started, but this is how we’ve been voting at CBS.com since it all began. We’ve listed out our picks below, and we’ve even ranked them in terms of the person we most want to see to the person we are the most on the fence about.

Stephen Fishbach (“Tocantins”) – We said during the spotlights that he is probably one of our favorite contestants ever, and for that reason alone (yes, it is personal bias), he’s at the top of our list.

Shane Powers (“Panama”) – Nostalgia’s a part of it, but mostly, this vote is because Shane is incredibly entertaining and we would be losing something great on this season if he is not a part of it.

Jeremy Collins (“San Juan del Sur”) – We love Jeremy. His confidence may be read as cockiness to some, but we just feel like it is pure charisma. He’s little like Colby meets Tony, and he has far more game in him than we saw in his first season.

Spencer Bledsoe (“Cagayan”) – He’s likable, funny, a big fan, and an ultimate underdog fro Cagayan. Sure, he’s a recent contestant, but what is not to like here? He’s a lock to be on the season.

Terry Deitz (“Panama”) – Really just love this season. Terry is one of the few older men who completely dominated the challenges; Tom Westman is really the only other guy we’d consider to be that much like him.

Jeff Varner (“Australia”) – Another classic character who we never thought would get a chance to play again. That’s enough of a reason for us to give him a vote.

Mike Holloway (“Worlds Apart”) – We’re not all that crazy about needing to see him play again so soon, but we really like him, and just in case he doesn’t win, this is a good spot for him.

Vytas Baskaskas (“Blood vs. Water”) – Vytas is strategically-minded, athletic, and could be a great player now that he doesn’t have to think about playing with a loved one. To us, he is worthy of another shot.

Joe Anglim (“Worlds Apart”) – There needs to be at least one hyper-competitive challenge beast in every season, and Joe from this season is perfect for that sort of role. Also, we want to see what his strategy could be coming back.

Jim Rice (“South Pacific”) – We debated a lot the #10 spot, but we decided to give it to Jim mostly because we feel like he is really going to go out there, play hard, and try to mix it up.

There is a part of us that regrets leaving out people like Woo and Andrew Savage, who we really do like and have cast a few stray votes for. The problem here is that we feel like they are a little more predictable as far as players go, and we already have some people in their vein here in Terry and Shane. Mike’s also a loyal guy when he needs to be, and who knows how Varner will play now? We want the biggest chance to have as much crazy gameplay as possible.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to share our full ballot of the women. You can view most of our voting spotlights over at the link here! Also, you can sign up to get some other TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)

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