Ratings: ‘Grimm’ season 4 finale up; ‘Beyond the Tank’ matches ‘Shark Tank’

If there is one immediate takeaway that we get from the TV ratings Friday night, it is that “Shark Tank” probably does better at 9:00 p.m. Eastern than it does 8:00, which is why it is really no surprise that the show is going to be moving back to that time in the fall.

While the series is still drawing great numbers, a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic is down from the 2.0 ratings that we’ve seen it draw during its heyday. This is still easily the most-popular show on Friday nights, so there is not some enormous reason to be concerned about it. What’s interesting to us is that spin-off “Beyond the Tank” scored the same exact rating as the flagship show; while it has not been formally renewed, you have to think that this is a definite possibility to come back next season, even if it is just for a small handful of episodes again.

We don’t really ever see “Beyond the Tank” as a show that could run for 22-24 episodes ever year, mostly because there are only so many quality business stories that are out there after the show, and in addition to that, you also have sharks with busy schedules and they are already doing dozens of “Shark Tank” episodes in a season.

Also last night, “Grimm” (1.1) improved slightly with its own finale ratings, while “The Amazing Race” (1.0) declined. At the moment, we are just glad to see that these two series are returning at all, given that with those numbers, any network could cut then and nobody would really spend any time complaining over it.

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