‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Vytas Baskauskas is worthy of your vote

Meet Vytas -Within past eight days, we’ve published over thirty “Survivor: Second Chance” articles explaining why you should vote for this person or that person to win the game in the end. It has been a fun, crazy journey at times looking back at some old seasons. We haven’t rewatched many of them since they aired, so much of the enjoyment of writing these has come out of remembering how good certain people are at the game.

Luckily, Vytas Baskauskas is not that difficult to remember. He is a fairly-recent contestant with a former winner for a brother, and a guy who we felt would be considered for another season at some point. He was a really smart guy, and he made some really great moves to stay alive after the tribe swap. His downfall was in part he and Aras thinking that they were far too comfortable when the merge happened, and then not being able to make the moves necessarily to bring potential allies back over.

Past experience – 10th place (“Survivor: Blood vs. Water”)

Why you would vote for him – He is a guy who really could make some noise the second time out there. Part of his problem the first time is that with both him and Aras at the merge, they were such obvious threats and it was easy to get rid of both of them. He’s just one guy, and he won’t be thought of most likely as the biggest challenge threat right away. He’s smart enough to know how to read people, and voting for him makes the game a little more competitive.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – The biggest flaw in Vytas’ edit was that he at times came across as very self-assured, and there could be a concern that he would not be able to be as persuasive or as successful scheming as he was at times after the tribe swap. He was fairly popular on his season, but not on the same level as someone like Ciera or someone like Spencer from his season.

Our prediction – Vytas will get on; he probably won’t be in the top five in terms of vote-getters, but he is recent enough and successful enough for even casual fans to know that they are getting someone who will try hard to win.

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