‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Brad Culpepper is worthy of your vote

Meet Brad -Is anyone going to shout swear words at Brad Culpepper on “Survivor: Second Chance“? That’s probably what he is best known for from that season, since people had an affinity for going to Redemption Island and then yelling at him (or, in this case, having Candice yell at him). He’s an interesting character; he came across as very intense and overly domineering on his original season, but in speaking to him after the game we found him very engaging and a person we may want to have on our tribe. Which Brad Culpepper is the right one?

Regardless of our own indecision on the guy, we’re just a tiny percentage of the voting public. It will be up to all of the “Survivor” fans to decide if they want to see the former NFL player / Monica Culpepper’s husband on the show again despite a pretty early exit.

Past experience – 15th place (“Survivor: Blood vs. Water”)

Why you should vote for him – Mostly for the idea of seeing him on the same tribe as Chaos Kass, Shane Powers, or Abi-Maria. Imagine the fireworks! He’s obviously a guy who can win challenges, and he did get a little bit of the villain edit the first time around. The appeal to bringing him back is that you do get a shot to see what he could do without playing or thinking about his wife. He was surprisingly honest last time in saying almost from the jump that he knew his odds of winning were fairly tiny, so he was not as concerned on the success of his own game as he was Monica’s.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – This is mostly an issue of him being an early boot, and one that was not that positively received, either. Could this guy actually win the game? We feel like he’d have a hard time, because he is such an alpha male and a commanding presence that he will be an instant target almost all over again. Then again, we do think that it would be smart to keep him; he’s probably not a schemer or a backstabber, and keeping him ensures a larger target stays in the game.

Our prediction – Brad is probably going to have a pretty tough time getting on. He wasn’t a famous enough NFL player to be a household name, and being both an early exit and a perceived villain doesn’t help. We’d be more than happy to see him out there, but he has his work cut out for him.

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