ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 4 finale review: Fitz cleans house, the Olivia hunt, and Command’s conundrum

The Lawn Chair -This is what it came down on “Scandal“: A showdown between various parties. Command has shown to be more than just a physical force; they are also manipulative, covert, and destructive. They turned loved ones against each other, and that includes Huck and Quinn.

Huck forced himself to have to work for the organization as a means to protect his family, but he did not certainly anticipate someone finding out what he was doing. This is what led to Quinn pointing a gun squarely in his face. He is still alive, but we cannot imagine anything being the same for the two again.

This was not the only shocking moment of conflict from tonight’s episode. After Fitz learned about what Mellie and Cyrus did to “protect” him in the form of Rowan’s demands, he completely cleaned house. He told Mellie to pack her bags and leave right after she won her place in the Senate, and then he also promptly fired Cyrus from his position, as well. Another parting then came courtesy of Olivia and Jake. He loved her, but he did not want to spend his time chasing after someone who did not feel the same.

All of the moves in this episode led to a surprisingly conclusive end to the story this season: Olivia realizing just what she wanted and who she wanted, and Fitz realizing that he may finally be in the position to have what he wants in Olivia, and he no longer cares about the cost. The scene of them coming together on the balcony was super-significant … and public? It was at least something that marks a move in that direction.

We imagine that Cyrus and Mellie are far from done, and while the question to take down Command was a success for now, we also feel like Rowan will squirm his way out of jail in due time. The story has subsided for now, but when season 5 premieres this fall, maybe we will just see the future in a different form. Grade: A-.

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