‘Chicago Fire’ season 4 spoilers: Show boss on next move after Dawson – Casey reveal

The folks over at “Chicago Fire” have never decided to make a finale an easy affair, at least when it comes to keeping surprises at bay. Tuesday night’s new episode was no exception, given that this was an episode that brought us Brett and Roman getting together (a crossover event like no other?) and also Casey missing while one of the strip-club employees was dead on the floor. This is probably complicated further by the fact that it was Dawson who discovered this, who had arrived to tell him the news about a pregnancy test. While we did not for sure see the evidence that she is pregnant, why else would she rush over there?

While we are going to see the fourth season of the show touch further on what happens here for some of these characters, even the show’s own executive producer at the moment is making it clear that he has little idea where the story is going to go. For more, just see what Matt Olmstead had to say, per The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’re not sure. There are a couple scenarios we are actively debating in the room right now … But the stone that we dropped in the pond so to speak at the end of the season — the mere fact that we’re in the room having a robust discussion about what those ramifications could be was a good sign that we’re on to something. It’s better to have a couple different possibilities, even though there are pros and cons to everything, rather than to play it safe and have the relationship fizzle out, and they go on Match.com and date other people. We knew we were taking a big swing, but I think that you’ve got to trust the fact that you’re going to land on the other side of it. You just have to be ambitious and bold and take chances, which is what we’re doing.”

As for Brett and Roman, what happened there is mostly just going to be an interesting chance to explore different avenues between the two shows. Also, Brett’s past with Cruz could make the situation a little more uncomfortable than it would be otherwise.

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