‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 12 review: Daya gives birth, Sophia faces hate

sophiaWe are coming up to the end of season 3 of “Orange Is The New Black” – there’s only 2 more episodes left after this one and then we are thrown back into another year long wait for more new episodes. Are we happy with the direction the show has been going? There’s been a lot more focus on the staff at the prison, something we’ve wanted to see happen, and there’s been a spotlight on some of the inmates that have been around since season 1, but have never had their chance to shine. These elements we love and want more of. What we’ve been surprised by is how little we care about Piper’s storyline this season. Can they fix that before the season ends?

Doggett suggests going to Caputo with what happened to her, but Boo tells her no one’s going to believe her word against Coates so they come up with a plan for revenge which involves assaulting him. After drugging Coates they bring him to the laundry room to get their revenge, but both ladies realize that even though they have done some bad things in their life, assaulting an unconscious man is something that neither of them can do. The friendship that has developed between Boo and Doggett is one we never expected to see happen, but now it’s one of our favorites to watch.

After the fight between Sophia and Gloria went down, Sophia has been getting harassed for being transgender and some of the women that don’t understand what being transgender really means, become afraid of her. Then there’s a group of women that are not afraid of her and go into her shop and beat her up. Caputo deals with the situation by putting Sophia under surveillance, but Sophia wants the new guards to be properly trained to help immediately instead of running away to get Caputo to help. She threatens Caputo with going public with what happened to her, but Danny’s father decides to put Sophia in solitary confinement to shut her up instead.

Daya is close to giving birth with the contractions starting, and it’s giving her mom something to think about. She remembers all of the decisions she made for Daya as a child including a few that weren’t really in Daya’s best interest. In prison, Daya’s labor takes a bad turn as she starts bleeding and she heads to the hospital. Daya’s mom calls George’s mom and tells her that Daya’s baby died, even though he baby is happy and healthy – her way of trying to make things right between her and Daya.

Now that Piper has moved her business to the next level things have taken a down turn. She’s lost Alex, the officer that was helping Piper move the underwear wants out and Stella is getting out of prison so she is losing her new love interest. Not only that but Piper’s brother and wife want to make more cash off of the underwear business and are thinking of branching out and creating more business outside of the prison without Piper’s knowledge.

The mythical chicken is back!!! Caputo saw it, but no one else did, so the legend lives on! The big cliffhanger of the episode is that Soso got her hands on some drugs and overdosed in the library, but her role on the show has been so muted this season that it’s not that surprising that they went in this direction with her. They had a great character with So-So, but all season it seems that they just didn’t know what to do with her. Episode grade: C+

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