‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 9 review: Did Piper and Stella kiss?

Orange is the new BlackWhy is Alex being watched? That is the big mystery happening right now on “Orange Is The New Black” season 3. Its easy to assume that her old boss is none to happy about her not lying for him on the stand and that this new girl, Lolly, has been sent to the prison to kill Alex, but is that really what’s happening? That’s one of the great things about this show… nothing is ever what it seems.


The corporation has brought in a Rabbi to sniff out the posers and it’s easy to figure out that everyone is lying. Cindy is the worst as she’s taken a story out of a Woody Allen film and made it her own. Pretty much everyone is off of Kosher food now except for Sister Ingalls who is able to use her religious knowledge to her advantage.

This has been the season of bringing the backstories of characters we have long known, but haven’t learned anything about and in this episode we had some insight on Leanne and her past drug problem. As part of the Amish community, Leanne has a chance to go into the world before her baptism, and she gets involved in drugs, boys and criminal activity. After returning home and confirming her faith in the community, two officers show up with her backpack that is full of drugs. The cops use Leanne to go back into the group, and score some drugs to help them arrest some of the people she had met. When Leanne returns home, she is shunned by everyone, so she decides to leave home and is completely lost.

Sophia’s son Michael has been arrested with Gloria’s son Benny after beating up another kid. She no longer wants Michael around Benny and has banned them from being around each other…. meaning that Benny has lost his ride to the prison. Sophia learns that it’s not Benny that’s the bad influence, but actually Michael and in fact Benny ran away from the situation when it was happening. How is Sophia going to help get control over her son from behind bars?

Tiffany has decided to put officer Coates in his place to make him look more professional in front of everyone else, but things turn really weird when they are in private. He reveals that he likes to dominate women, treating them like dogs, and making Tiffany fetch donuts in the mud with her mouth. After she does, he tries to make out with her, but she puts a stop to it. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out since Tiffany has more power then Coates realizes.

They are really pushing the Stella/Piper connection, but it’s just not really happening for us. Even their kiss was a little flat. We are loving the underwear business story that Piper has going on and really don’t need the romance side of things this season, but we understand that the Piper character is insecure and always need validation through romance. With Alex being obsessed with Lolly (and after finding her journal, she has confirmation that she is being watched), it makes sense for Piper to find that validation in the arms of another. Episode grade: A-

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