‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 6 review: Lorna meets a man, Chang gets revenge

orange is the new blackWith the new sweat shop rolling into Litchfield we are wondering what else the new corporation has in store for everyone to make more money? Clearly all the corporation is into is making cash, but if we know Caputo, we know he’s not going to be thrilled about all of this when he figures out what’s going on. Even though he’s a little slimy, his heart is usually in the right place.

Now that the staff’s hours have been cut everyone was expecting that less work was needed, but when they see an ad in the newspaper looking to hire more staff at Lichfield everyone is unhappy. After the staff talks to Caputo he confronts Danny about the ad and he is able to spin it in such a beautiful way that Caputo ends up not only taking on a job that Danny doesn’t want, but gets him to hire the new staff even though he promised his old staff he would fix the situation. We don’t know who this Danny guy is, but he’s clearly a magician.

We go some back story on the mysterious Chang. Her brother tried everything he could to sell her in an arranged marriage, but no one wanted her. When he couldn’t get some merchandise he wanted, he sent in his sister, but they got scammed. Chang saved the life of one of the goons working for her brother and in return she got him to preform unspeakable acts on the man who rejected her.

Red has completely messed up her relationship with Healy and he’s no longer paying her any attention. After explaining where she’s coming from and how much the kitchen means to her, Healy gets her a job working back in the kitchen. She may not be in charge anymore, but she’s back in the game.

Lorna has a few men that have been writing to her and are coming to visit her in jail, but what she’s really selling them is a fantasy since every time she tells her story about what landed her in jail it’s changes. In return she’s hoping that if she writes enough people that one of them will like her and will fill the empty void in her heart left by Nicole being moved to max security. She does meet one guy who seems like a nice enough man (at least as nice as someone who writes to random women in prison is going to be).

Taystee finally came clean to Poussey about stealing her booze and tells her that she’s worried about her drinking. Poussey reveals that its the only way that she feels that she can get through prison, but what she really wants is to find a nice woman and be in love again.

What we are really loving about this season is that we are getting a deeper look into characters like Big Boo and Chang, women that we have never really gotten to know that well, but have always enjoyed watching. We are also excited to see the introduction of Stella (Ruby Rose) in this episode, because we know that Piper is going to find a way to mess up her relationship with Alex somehow. Episode grade: C+

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