‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 5 review: Are Red and Healy hooking up?

orange is the new blackNow that Caputo has gotten a company to back the prison and keep it open most would think that storyline is wrapped up, but this is “Orange Is The New Black” and nothing is as it seems and we suspect that there is still something more coming in for the staff.

With Danny spearheading the take over of Litchfield things are changing quickly and one of them is that a new job is going to be opening up and it’s paying ten times what all of the other prison jobs are making the ladies clamoring to land it even though they don’t know what it is. After taking an aptitude test the chosen few are happy when they see their names on the list… however when some of the staff see that their hours have been cut they wonder if there is a connection. So what is the fabulous new job? They are being put to work in a sweatshop for a clothing company called “Whispers”.

Have you been wondering if Red is interested in Healy now that her marriage is over? We weren’t sure at first, but when she starts asking Piper for help to soften her look we are starting to think that she may be into him. Watching Red try to flirt with Healy was painful, but hilarious and we think there’a lot of great material to be mined from this situation. As Red continues to try to work her charm on Healy, it all blows up in her face when she starts to use their flirty connection to get her old job in the kitchen back and Healy sees what’s she’s up to. Way to put out the fire, Red.

Daya is still holding onto hope that Bennett is coming back, but after she gets someone to check out his apartment and finds it cleaned out, she knows he’s abandoned her. She decides to meet with George’s mom to offer the baby to her for adoption and she’s happy to accept, but she feels bad that Daya is so alone and wants to help.

There was a lot of fun moments in this episode, like seeing how Flaca got arrested (for selling fake drugs), Alex being paranoid that someone has been brought in to kill her and Poussey trying to figure out who was drinking all her booze. This is the fun side of the show that we had been missing. Episode grade: B-

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