‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 2 review: Bennett proposes, will Daya accept?

Orange Is The New BlackThe season 3 premiere of “Orange Is The New Black” really hit some hard topics and while the show has done this in the past, it usually has a much lighter feel to it, but this premiere had a much darker tone to it. Although we still enjoyed it, we really want to see some of the fun silly moments infused into this season, it’s what makes this show as good as it is!

Maria has gone behind Daya’s back and has contacted Mendez’s mother to come into the prison, hoping to get a little money out of her. Mendez’s mother wants to adopt the child and Maria tries to strike up a deal where they will give up the baby and both her and Daya will get paid monthly.

Bennett is not happy that Maria is meeting with Mendez’s mother, so he talks to Daya and Maria about this adoption offer and while he’s adamantly against it, Daya is considering it. With the fear of losing the baby and maybe Daya, Bennett steps up and gives her a temporary engagement ring. After his proposal, she accepts and it looks like Maria is going to have to find another payday. When Bennett goes to tell Maria’s partner and family that he proposed, he learns that Maria’s man has just had a baby with another woman. The real thing Bennett learned is just how messed up this family he’s about to marry into really is and it looks like he may have changed his mind about the whole thing.

Now that Red cemented up the tunnel, Big Boo and Nicole are left trying to figure out another way to get their product out of the prison. When the place becomes infested with bed bugs, Nicole sees an opportunity to use Luschek after spotting some drugs on him. After telling him the situation she is in, he agrees to sell it, but he wants a huge cut. When Nicole and Big Boo go to get their stash, they find that it’s gone.

Alex is having a difficult time being back in prison, but with Piper’s support she’s finding a way through it… that is until Piper reveals that she’s the one that called Alex’s probation officer and told him that Alex violated her parole. Alex is of course upset, but we think the score is pretty even now since it was Alex who not only named Piper and got her tossed in prison, but also screwed her over when they were testifying last season. They eventually make up in with one of the most awkward girl fight/ make outs we’ve seen. Just all kinds of awkward and no passion in either the make out or the anger. Is the connection gone for these two characters or is this story line just getting tired and needs a break?

The really big news of the episode is that the prison is getting shut down in two months and that Caputo will probably be transferred while all of the other staff will be jobless. On top of that Red has found out her husband lied to her about the restaurant and is filing for a divorce.

We actually enjoyed this episode more then the premiere because it infused the fun back into the show while still tackling some tough subjects. The one problem we are having this season so far is that Alex and Piper don’t seem to have the same connection they once did and we are hoping that they will cool their relationship for a bit and give them both something else to do. Episode Grade: B

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