‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Keith Nale is worthy of your vote

Keith Nale -It is pretty well-known at this point that “Survivor” loves its contestants with Southern accents. Just look at Colby, Big Tom, JT, and now Keith Nale. He’s a guy who comes into the “Survivor: Second Chance” voting as a big personality from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” and a guy who famously screwed over his own alliance by saying “stick to the plan” at tribal council, alerting the other side as to danger afoot. Somehow, he almost still won, given that he would’ve had a ton of votes if he won the final immunity challenge.

While Keith is far from a strategic mastermind, it would be silly to dismiss him as a contender to come back. Let’s try to analyze what he would bring to the table for a second time. Remember that you can vote for all your favorites over at the official CBS website.

Past experience – “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” (4th place)

Why you should vote for him – You want some quirky confessionals, some cranky one-liners, and a guy who is definitely cut from the same cloth as many in the south. He is in some ways reminiscent of some of the contestants from before the first All-Stars, who cared more about the survival aspect of the game than making big moves or forming crazy alliances. Still, he was savvy enough to find a hidden immunity idol.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – We know that there are many people promising to play a different game if they return, and we’re not sure Keith will or even can. He doesn’t strike us as the sort to keep many secrets or backstab; he’s more of a good-ol’ boy, and if you are wanting real game-players or longtime fans on “Second Chance,” he’s not getting your vote.

Our prediction – Keith’s up there with Jeremy Collins as a near-lock. Despite him not being a favorite for some strategy fans, he is beloved by more casual viewers, and he is also from a recent season. the funny thing is that we imagine him going far again if he returns, since he’s an easy number provided you can keep him in line

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