‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Jim Rice is worthy of your vote

Jim -One of the cool things about “Survivor: Second Chance” as a concept is that it allows the public to vote, and with that gives opportunities to players like Jim Rice. We’re not sure that he would be getting an opportunity to come back other for another season otherwise (unless it is “Survivor: Guys Who Look Like Seth MacFarlane”); he is a good-enough player to be considered, but he is not the most memorable one out there and was an early post-merge boot.

At the moment, we’re still on the fence on Jim for a few reasons; maybe writing this article, or some of the others ones we have coming up, will sway us. You can vote for all of these contenders over at the official CBS website.

Past experience – “Survivor: South Pacific” (12th place)

Why you should vote for him – He’s a fan of the show, a passionate guy, and we feel like he has a good strategic mind for the game. He just didn’t make the right moves socially the first time around, and berating Cochran after he flipped probably did not help matters. He is a guy who could study his past season closely, learn from some of his mistakes, and do very well if he returns. We can’t imagine him being an immediate threat.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – Given that most casual fans are going to remember Jim mostly from his time with Cochran, we’re not sure he is seen as that likable or even memorable compared to some more recent players. There are going to be so many players immediately recognizable to some viewers, and he could easily get lost in the shuffle.

Our prediction – Jim’s a darkhorse to make the list. Right now, we’re admittedly torn somewhat between him, Woo, and Troyzan for the 10th spot in our ballot. We feel like Jim’s probably the best strategic player of the three, but the other two have entertainment-wise some unique stuff that they bring to the table.

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