‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Jeremy Collins is worthy of your vote

Jeremy -What makes Jeremy Collins a great person to return? It’s hard to know where to start here: The guy is a physical competitor, a longtime fan of the show, a strategist, and a pretty good social player. He had a little bit of bad luck on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” and probably also underestimated just how threatening he was to some of the other players. “Survivor: Second Chance” is made for guys like him.

Below, we hope to do a good job explaining why you should want to see this guy surrounding and/or drowning his way to victory in season 31. We have a feeling that this is not going to take a whole lot of convincing. Like all of the other contestants we’ve profiled, remember that you can vote for Jeremy daily over at the CBS website.

Past experience – “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” (10th place)

Why you should vote for him – Jeremy is there to play, and play hard. He may have been a little too aggressive in the early going, but he’s a leader sort of guy more than a follower! Watching him you’re going to get great confessionals, solid strategy, and also the sort of player you want to keep until at least the merge. It’s hard to say how he would play in another season, but he at least has a reputation for being fairly loyal from the first time around.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – Maybe you think that it’ll be hard for a guy like Jeremy to win, since he is such a presence and obvious threat. If you’re thinking that way this season, though, it’d be a mistake. Remember that there could be other huge targets like Spencer, Joe, Vytas, Mike, and Woo (at least in terms of physical prowess) out there.

Our prediction – Maybe we don’t have Jeremy as an official lock to return, but he is pretty far up the list. We’d be very surprised if he does not return, and we feel pretty confident about his odds to do well if he does.

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