‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Abi-Maria Gomes is worthy of your vote

Abi-Maria GomesIs Abi-Maria Gomes worthy of “Survivor: Second Chance“? As with many other contenders for season 31, this is one that will depend on your perspective. If you are voting for people who you found to be entirely heroic in their first season, she may not be the list. The same goes for if you fill your ballot with people from either the first four or the last four seasons.

What we hope to do here is make a great case here for someone we personally find to be one of the most entertaining contestants that have been out there in a long time. She’s opinionated, she’s aggressive, and there is a chance for her to really surprise people out there this time around. To vote for Abi-Maria and some of the other contestants this season, just click here.

Past experience – “Survivor: Philippines” (5th place)

Why you should vote for her – For one, she will call people morons and idiots … at least we hope. She’s just a very fun, high-energy person who will fight hard in the game, search for immunity idols, and then speak her mind any time she can. There are so many super-reserved players (despite many proclamations in the new CBS videos that people are going to make “big moves”), and Abi-Maria is the opposite of “reserved.” If you want entertainment, she has to be a lock on your list. She also may be a more physically aggressive player this time, given that she was actually injured for the majority of her time in the Philippines.

Why you wouldn’t vote for her – Obviously, not everyone likes Abi-Maria, and we know that there are some that thought she was too mean or that she talked too much. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, there is the reality that there are many other strong candidates, and Philippines is easier to forget now that there are a few other recent seasons.

Our prediction – We’re not super-confident Abi-Maria will make the cut, but we really hope that she does since she will mix things up out there. We’ll be voting for her as often as we can.

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