‘Home Fires’ episode 2 review: Elections and secrets abound

Home Fires -Throughout the second episode of ITV’s “Home Fires” on Sunday night, we were looking and hoping for something further. This is a show that has the potential to be something great, but is still looking in some ways to separate itself from the pack. The vast majority of new British series these days tend to be period dramas, and ones that tend to take on this sometimes-serious-but-still-lighthearted tone. Also, many of them surprisingly do have references to the war in some form or another.

Tonight, voting became a key part of the story, which is still important even in times of war. While things like a cricket pitch may not seem important, there are even the smallest things such as morale that you need to consider. How do you satisfy a paranoid community dealing with depression and fear that certain people will not come back? Barden and Cameron battling it out could have been more exciting, but such is this show right now.

What we are also learning at the moment is as simple as that Nora seems very quick to want to love, and that could bring to her some trouble later. As a whole, all reckless decisions could in this time. We actually wish the show would be a little more like Nora in a way, since there were boring moments in both tonight’s episode and the premiere. The costuming and the performances are strong, but we are still struggling to find characters to grasp a hold of longer than just a few minutes.

Ultimately, we expect episode 3 to be a big one for our future enjoyment of the series. Grade: B-.

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