‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Kimmi Kappenberg deserves your vote

Kimmi -Kimmi Kappenberg is getting another shot at playing “Survivor” courtesy of the “Survivor: Second Chance” voting, and we do have to admit to being surprised. She is a player from an early season, after all, and one best known for fighting with Alicia. There is a nostalgia factor that does help her, but out of some of the early players that we’ve spotlight already, she is one of the people we are the most unsure about when it comes to whether or not she will be voted into the season. There is a fascination about seeing players from early seasons on here, but will that be enough? (By the way, you can vote for Kimmi and the other contestants now over here.)

Kimmi is one of three contestants from the first two seasons to be candidates for this vote. She is on her with her former tribe-mate Jeff Varner, and then there is also the original runner-up in Kelly Wiglesworth in the running. The other two contestants made the merge, while she was voted out a little ways before that.

Past experience – “Survivor: Australia” (12th place)

Why you should vote for her – One of the things that we did appreciate about watching Kimmi’s video at the voting page was her self-awareness that this is a TV show first and foremost, and she gets that there is a major entertainment quota that needs to be filled. Since she is known mostly for that, it’s a smart move. Like some of the other early players, the other selling point here is the curiosity factor of getting to watch someone play under a whole new set of rules.

Why you wouldn’t vote for her – Either you don’t remember her, or you just didn’t care for her the first time. Kimmi was polarizing back then, and she may be polarizing once again if she is on the game then. Therefore, it feels almost like she is better as a production choice to be brought back, since they have to want characters like her on the screen.

Our prediction – This could go either way. We’re worried many fans have forgotten her, and at the moment she’s on the bubble of our voting list. (If we had one more spot, it’d probably go to her.) We know who the internet wants to see on the show, but what about the casual fans? That’s just something we’re unsure about with Kimmi.

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