‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Teresa ‘T-Bird’ Cooper is worthy of your vote

T-Bird Cooper -One of the reasons that we’re loving this “Survivor: Second Chance” season idea so much is just because of how producers are making contestants from some early seasons eligible. It’s a chance to right a few wrongs, and also give us the welcome experience of having back people who we remember fondly from so long ago. Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper is one of those people. She was an underrated player in “Survivor: Africa,” and fifteen years later we have a chance to see how her game has evolved. Of course, the operating words here are “a chance.” You still have to vote for her over here!

Even if you have not seen “Africa,” maybe you can still consider voting for her just to give yourself a potential slice of “Survivor” history on an all-new season. (You can cast your votes over here.)

Past experience – “Survivor: Africa” (5th place)

Why you should vote for her – Because “Survivor: Africa” is awesome, and she is a super-tough player who seems very excited about getting back in the game! We would have cast her over either Jenna Lewis or Amber (even though she won the season) on “All-Stars,” and she is one of the memorable earlier players who for some sad reason fell through the casting cracks over the years. It would be fun to see just how she handles immunity idols and the faster pace of the game.

Why you wouldn’t vote for her – It’s understandable if you just don’t remember her, and that is what we are the most worried about. Kelly Wiglesworth will get a lot of nostalgic vote, and maybe after that many fans are going to start to gravitate towards people they are more familiar with thanks to a recency bias.

Our prediction – We’re not 100% confident T-Bird makes the cut, but we are going to be voting for her every chance we get. Any chance that we can get to see really good players from early seasons, we are going to take.

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