‘The Following’ season 3: Kevin Bacon shares first comments since cancellation

We knew for a good while that the future for “The Following” on Fox was somewhat in doubt. However, it was all confirmed on Friday when the network formally canceled the show after three seasons. It certainly had some high highs, but ratings-wise it fell to new lows as a polarizing second season caused the show to lose a significant amount of viewers.

So how is the cast reacting to this news? When it comes to Kevin Bacon, it feels like there is really only one word to describe his present emotional state: Gratitude. He makes it very clear that he is thankful for the time that he spent on TV, and to all of the crew who worked so hard to make it a success. We gotta give the crew some credit here: The lighting and effects have always been pretty phenomenal.

While there is hardly ever good news that comes out of a show ending, at least you can know now that the best thing to do over the coming weeks is watch the final episodes knowing full well how everything is going to conclude. Therefore, you do not have to feel nearly as shocked at the last minute when you are watching the finale. You can at least enter with the perspective that everything is coming to a close.

Even though this is the final season of the show seemingly, we’re going to continue coverage until the very end. We should say for the record that it is possible that it will be shopped elsewhere, though we personally feel like it is rather unlikely.

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