‘The Following’ canceled after three seasons, but is Hulu going to swoop in?

Let’s face it: Things have not looked good for “The Following” for some time on Fox. It’s never been a Joe Carroll-getting-a-lethal-injection sort of bleak (too soon?), but the ratings are not great and we’ve felt for a long time that the show is not anywhere near as good as it once was.

So with that in mind, the following (sorry for that) story does not surprise us in the slightest. Per Entertainment Weekly, the show’s studio Warner Bros. TV is already starting to search around for a new home for the show. While it has not been officially canceled just yet, they can see the writing on the wall here. With “Gotham,” “Empire,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and more than likely “Bones” coming back for another season, there’s just no room for Kevin Bacon and company. It’s also a series that has lost one of its best assets now in James Purefoy, though granted it was going to be hard to realistically keep him alive forever.

So is there a potential new home out there for the series? We at least know that the studio is going to do their part to find one. Hulu may be a candidate for them given that they are in the process of saving “The Mindy Project,” but the aforementioned site says that a deal is unlikely to happen.

As much as some do like this show still, we’re getting a sense that there is not a whole lot of hope here that the show will find a new home. Expect the worst, and then hope for the best.

Update: Word is in now that the show is officially canceled by Fox.

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