‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 13 (finale) review: Did Matt take down Fisk?

Fisk is in a very vulnerable position right now on “Marvel’s Daredevil”: Wesley is gone, Vanessa is still in the hospital, Gao has left the country and Leland is a snake. The people he can trust has dwindled and his rage is out of control. He wants vengeance and there are so many people on his hit list right now that he barely knows where to begin.

Matt went with Karen to Ben’s funeral and we were surprised to see that Foggy didn’t show up at all. Now that Ben is dead, she is even more worried that Fisk is not only going to find out that she spoke to his mother too, but also that she killed Wesley.

When Fisk catches Leland in a lie, he comes clean to Fisk about the poisoning. Leland says that since their plan didn’t work out that they will now be parting ways and that he will be taking half of Fisk’s assets with him. So why is Fisk going to let Leland walk away? Because he has Hoffman and if he doesn’t check in every 24 hours, then he’ll be dropped off to the police where he will spill everything on Fisk. As expected, Fisk cannot control his rage over being ripped off and Leland hurting Vanessa, and Fisk kills him. He tells the few remaining men he has to sweep the city for Hoffman and kill him too.

Later Foggy goes to talk to Matt and tells him that Marci has been copying files on the down low from her work for him on the Fisk case. Foggy says that they have to go after Fisk together and do it with the help of the law, and Matt is confused since he thought their partnership was over. After talking things through they realize that they can’t go back to the way things were, but that maybe they can move forward with a more honest relationship. When they learn that Hoffman is alive then it’s a race to get to Hoffman before Fisk does.

When Fisk finds out where Hoffman is he calls the police on his payroll to raid the place and leave no survivors and that’s exactly what they do… everyone but Hoffman. Daredevil shows up and saves his life, but in return he wants him to turn himself in and reveal all he has on Fisk. He does as he’s told and with Foggy and Matt are his lawyers, he confesses everything and gives names of everyone involved leading to many take downs of Fisk’s organization including cops, people at Ben’s office (not his boss though as many suspected) and lawyers at Marcy’s firm. Fisk also gets arrested, and proposes to Vanessa as he’s being taken away in handcuffs.

If you thought that Fisk was going to go down without a fight, then you haven’t been paying attention. As Fisk is being transported away by the FBI, a team is sent in to help him escape. Matt is able to intercept the truck driving Fisk and the final battle between them is epic with Matt coming out on top, getting him arrested and being mentioned in the papers as a hero (also he got his new nickname – Daredevil).

Matt’s new Daredevil suit is completely awesome and we are glad the show ended with him getting his nick name. We are happy that Fisk isn’t dead and are hoping there will be a way from him to be the big bad again in future seasons. The Karen/Foggy possible romance thing is obviously out the window now after so much build up and we were sorry to see the show go in that direction and hook Foggy up with Marci who is still unlikable even though she helped Foggy. Episode grade: B

What did you think of the finale of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and what do you want to see happen in season 2?

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