‘The Flash’ season 1, episode 21 review: Did ‘Grodd Lives’ tell Barry and Iris’ new love story?

Grodd Lives -The Flash” had a whole lot of ground to cover on tonight’s new episode “Grodd Lives,” and we absolutely loved the majority of it. Gorilla Grodd was just about everything we wanted (at least within the span of an hour of this show). Not only that, but we also at the same time had a pretty realistic (and great because of it) back and forth featuring Barry and Iris at the center of it.

Given her new revelation that Barry was the Flash, coupled with everything that they did in tandem to help stop Grodd for now and also save Joe, you would think that they would have had some super-dramatic kiss at the end of the hour. Well, they didn’t. As a matter of fact, she still wants to be with Eddie! It’s nice to have a character here who is standing up for what she believes in, even if what she believes in differs from what most WestAllen ‘shippers out there want. Clearly, they will have their day in due time.

What made Grodd work so well is that producers managed to figure out a way to make the CG work for them despite not having a huge budget. Using shadows and the sewer as a setting was smart. It’s clear to us that we have not seen the last of the ape, and he is going to be a more and more dangerous opponent as time goes on and he continues to become more intelligent.

Also of note in this episode:

1. Did we have more Cisco movie references than ever before? We’re starting to think that we did.

2. It was interesting to see that General Eiling and Barry are on the same side right now, mostly because they both want to stop Dr. Wells. Barry doesn’t even seem to mind right now that Eiling knows his secret.

3. Apparently, Wells finally has what he needs to finish off his plan, and take off to the future. Great for him, not so great for Barry. Episode Grade: A-.

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