‘American Idol XIV’ rankings: Clark Beckham, Jax, Nick Fradiani, and Rayvon Owen’s placement

Clark -Tomorrow night, the “American Idol” top 4 head home … or at least they do in the form of pre-recorded segments. They are not actually going home and staying there just yet, though someone will be leaving the competition at the end of Wednesday night’s new episode.

So who will this person be? Gone is the Twitter save, and instead what we are going to have are straight-up results that give us a great sense as to where at least some of the remaining contestants stand. On the surface, it seems fairly obvious who will be eliminated next based on past results, but as we should really know by now, almost anything can still happen. We’re ranking using the same criteria that we have over the past several years, with performance quality, edit, and past voting results being the most important things that we look at.

4. Rayvon Owen – In a way, we want to put Rayvon even higher just because of his superhuman ability to completely blast through adversity at almost every turn. One thing that has helped him, accidentally or otherwise, is the fact that he has been in so much danger at this point that he has to just be used to it at this point. He’s also had a ton of screen time thanks to it. The only problem with all of this is that sooner or later, we do expect the luck to run out. That time may be now.

3. Nick Fradiani – Nick is Mr. Steady as He Goes. He never blows us away, but at the same time never disappoints us. His arc is almost similar in a way to Scotty McCreery’s, who did win despite never really having a single breakthrough performance over the course of the whole season. Given his genre, though, and the performance of others, we don’t necessarily see the same placement in his future.

2. Jax – Jax is most likely the contestant with a real shot of a big future after the show, mostly because she is the boldest and the bravest contestant left. She’s probably had lower lows than any of the other contestants, but we’d also argue that she’s had higher highs, and songs that we’ve listened to on a variety of occasions since she first performed them. We haven’t really done that with anyone else.

1. Clark Beckham – Still, you cannot dispute that Clark has done great performances, and also has a massive following behind him at this point. We would argue that he’s coming off one of his worst weeks, but maybe a spot in the bottom two would be what he would need to kick it into overdrive going into the finale. He’s still in the driver’s seat.

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