‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 11 review: Is Matt getting a new costume?

The last episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” was a tough one to watch. Foggy learned the whole truth abut Matt’s secret and after being overwhelmed with betrayal and heartbreak, Foggy decided to quit the law firm as well as his friendship with Matt. Can he fix this situation with Foggy? It’s hard to picture Matt without Foggy in his life since he has been the family that Matt has been missing all these years and we worry that without his rock that Matt will allow that rage and darkness to really take over. We may even see Matt take a life before the season ends!

Karen goes over to see Matt and it’s obvious she doesn’t buy his whole “I was in a car accident” lie. She tells him Fisk’s mom is still alive and that even though she’s not all there she revealed that Fisk killed his father. Matt says the information doesn’t matter because he was a minor when it happened, but Karen counters by saying that if he missed a loose end like this then there are others.

Karen meets up with Ben, who is still mad at her from dragging him to a nursing home under the guise of helping his wife only to meet Fisk’s mom. Karen clearly has her own agenda to keep Ben in reporting, but if he doesn’t move to an editor’s position his wife may die. It was a fairly selfish move by Karen and one that isn’t very attractive to us. Why would Ben chose a story or strangers lives over his dying wife? Things get worse for Karen and Ben when Fisk’s mother calls for her son and tells Wesley about the visit from them. He heads to Karen’s apartment for a chat and just when we think all is lost for Karen, Wesley offers her a job. The job is to convince Ben that she was wrong about Fisk or he will kill everyone she cares about: Ben, Foggy, Matt… everyone. She grabs the gun from Wesley and kills him and while it was good for the storyline, we aren’t sure that we buy into someone as careful as Wesley putting a loaded gun on the table that close to Karen.

After getting sliced up so much, Matt is starting to think he needs some sort of body armor, something light and tough like what Fisk was wearing during their encounter. Could we be seeing a new Daredevil suit? Matt finds one of Fisk’s men and asks him where he got his body armor. Once Matt gets the name he heads to the shop and Matt is able to subdue Melvin the armorer. He tells Matt that Fisk threatens to hurt Betsy if he doesn’t do what he wants. Matt assures him that if he makes him armor, that he will make sure that Fisk never hurts him or Betsy.

Losing Wesley was unfortunate since he was a very cool headed villain and there’s not a lot of those out there in TV land. We were also disappointed to see Foggy ending up in Marcy’s bed, but we all do unthinkable things when our hearts are broken, and Foggy’s heart is more broken then most. With only 2 episodes left we hope that Matt and Foggy will find a way to get through this rough patch and work things out, but it’s going to take a lot of work from both of them to get there. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and did you believe that Wesley would make such an arrogant mistake? Leave a comment below.

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