ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 22 review: Guess who’s alive?

Revenge -Tonight, “Revenge” aired its penultimate episode in “Plea,” and it was an installment when we started to see Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke completely unravel. She was arrested for a crime that she did not commit, and as a result of that we figured out just how far she is willing to go in order to ensure that she has vengeance. It includes having other people arrested and destroyed just to get her way.

Now, we’re not going to waste any time getting to the biggest shocker of all, mostly because of the way the show played this almost perfectly: Victoria Grayson is alive! We’re not entirely sure just how that she pulled this off, but it is a pretty brilliant twist. Madeleine Stowe recently did exit interviews, basically saying that her character was gone. They did every single thing to trick us her story was over.

Well, it’s not, but unfortunately for Ben, he will not live to tell the tale. He was killed at the hands of Courtney Love’s assassin, and we are now in a position where Victoria holds most of the cards. Even Louise, who was starting to piece things together, was persuaded off of the trail by Margaux. Her own desire for revenge is causing her to be blind somewhat to the truth.

We’re not entirely sure how Emily gets released from jail now that there is so little in the way of hope out there that someone can help her piece this together. She and Jack are closer to being a couple, but will they actually have a real shot at it? His role in the scheming could lead to him being in hot water, as well.

In the midst of all the sadness, finding out about David Clarke’s cancer diagnosis was mostly the icing on an already-sad cake in an already-sad episode. There was a whole lot going on throughout “Plea,” and the biggest thing that we learned is never believe anything on this show until the credits have rolled for the last time. Grade: B+.

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