‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 10 review: Foggy learns the hard truth about Matt

Now that Foggy knows that Matt is the man behind the mask on “Marvel’s Daredevil” we have but one question: How is he going to take the news? Foggy hasn’t been Daredevil’s greatest supporter and thinks he’s a psycho, so now that he knows that it’s his best friend, we wonder if that will change his perspective or if he will be angry at Matt for keeping something so big from him.

As expected Foggy is extremely upset that Matt has kept this secret from him all this time and doesn’t trust anything about Matt… even questioning if he’s actually blind. When Matt reveals that he can see (in a manner of speaking) Foggy is even more crushed. Foggy starts to question him about shooting the cops and blowing up the buildings and Matt reveals it was Fisk.

Matt begs Foggy not to tell Karen the truth about his secret identity and against his better judgement he lies to Karen about Matt’s injuries… and this will be the moment that will later destroy his chances with Karen when she finds out he’s lied to her about something this important. Foggy learns that Matt hasn’t killed anyone, but that his intentions were to kill Fisk the night before. Foggy unloads on him because he followed Matt from a high paying job to work at their own firm based on the fact that they wanted to do go and help people and Matt is now debating killing people.

Matt explains he hasn’t been doing this for a long time, that he started right after they quit the law firm to go and start their own business. He says that after hearing a little girl crying one night because of abuse from her father he couldn’t look away any longer. Foggy understands… but to a point as he notes that Stick stopped training Matt when he was a kid but he continued on, so there must be a part of him that enjoys hitting people. Foggy can’t get past Matt’s betrayal, packs up his desk and breaks up the partnership… as well as their friendship.

With Nobu and the Russians gone, Fisk is left with Gao and Leland on his team, and Gao reminds him once again to get his house in order before everyone abandon’s him. At a benefit event to help the city, someone poisons all of the champagne and after Fisk’s speech everyone starts dropping like flies and one of those people is Vanessa.

Ben has some personal struggles as his wife is starting to get better, but his insurance/cash has run out and she is no longer going to get treatment and is looking to move her to a hospice. Ben’s boss thinks that it might be good for Ben to move out of reporting and into an editor’s position since it comes with better benefits and pay. Ben gives Karen all of his information on the case saying that the extension didn’t come through for his wife and he refuses to put her in a hospice, so he’s taking time off to take care of her at home. Karen asks him to take a ride with her to check out a nursing home she knows about upstate, but the real reason she wants to take Ben there is because Wilson Fisk’s mother is there (hes telling everyone that she died). Did they learn about Fisk killing his father?

We love episodes that have Matt and Foggy front and center because these two actors have so much chemistry and their friendship feels so genuine. We found ourselves actually tearing up when Foggy closed the door on their law firm and walked away with his box of stuff. Matt has a lot of hoops to jump through to make this friendship whole again and win Foggy back, if he even can win him back that is. Episode grade: A-

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and do you think that Foggy will ever forgive Matt? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

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