‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 9 review: Will Foggy learn Matt’s secret?

Now that Wilson Fisk has exposed himself to the public as the man who will aid in taking down the man in the mask, Matt is in some serious trouble on “Marvel’s Daredevil”. He wanted to be the one to expose Fisk for what he is, but with him now looking like a hero, Matt is up against a wall.

We knew Fisk’s motive for coming out into the public eye, but we weren’t sure if there was more to it and it looks like he may be making a power play for office – much like his dad, but a lot smoother with some delicate handlers around him and Vanessa by his side. Fisk has a few loose ends to tie up like Hoffman who is out in the wind, but his main issue is of course Daredevil. He asks for Nobu’s help in bringing in a specialist that can match Matt’s talents to take him out for good. That specialist in Nobu!

Matt, Ben, Karen and Foggy may have been derailed by Fisk moving into the spotlight and rallying the city together, but they are not deterred from exposing Fisk for who he really is. After hearing about Vanessa, Matt decides to pay her a visit at the gallery, pretending to be interested in buying art for his apartment. He is surprised when Fisk walks into the gallery and they have their first face to face meeting. Matt and Fisk reveal to Vanessa that they are on opposites sides of a tenant/building dispute.

Matt is debating taking his first life (Fisk) and so he returns to the church to talk to the priest about what is in his heart: That if he doesn’t kill Fisk the city will be destroyed. Just as he is starting to think that there may be another way to take down Fisk, the sweet old lady, Elena, that Foggy and Karen had been helping battle Fisk for the right to stay in her building, turns up dead – stabbed repeatedly by a junkie is the story, but Matt’s rage is building because he knows Fisk is behind it. Fisk uses the death as an opportunity to stand on his soap box again about cleaning up the city, but what he’s really trying to do is draw Daredevil out to meet Nobu.

Matt goes on a rampage to find the drug addict that killed Elena and after talking to him, he learns the address of a warehouse he was taken to before he killed her. Daredevil heads over to the warehouse and comes face to face with Nobu who gives Matt the beating of a life time. After setting Nobu on fire and him becoming a flaming ninja for a few seconds before dying, Matt survives the attack, but he’s not in great shape… also Fisk is there. Fisk gives Daredevil a chance to take a shot at him, but after being so badly beaten he’s only able to get in a few hits before being punched to the floor by Fisk with great power. Just as Wesley is about to shoot him, Matt creates a distraction and throws himself out a window and into the harbor waters below. Foggy goes to Matt’s apartment to talk to him about Elena’s death and when the man in the mask collapses on the floor by his feet, he learns that Matt is Daredevil.

We don’t want this to turn into “Arrow” where everyone and their mother knows that Oliver Queen is the man behind the mask, but there’s something great about Foggy learning his true identity this early on in the series run. They are best friends, business partners, and Foggy is really Matt’s only family. It will be interesting to see how he deals with this news moving forward. Episode grade: B

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and how do you think Foggy will react to Matt’s secret identity? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you want to see happen with Matt and Fisk.

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