ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 22 preview: Is David Clarke about to die (again)?

Revenge -If there is one quick takeaway that we have at the moment when it comes to “Revenge” season 4, it is this: This is a show not afraid to kill off anyone. Seriously, just look at the pretty wide array of people that they have done away with so far. There is zero willingness to play safe, and that is exciting. Then again, knowing that you have already been effectively canceled makes it a whole lot easier to do that than it would otherwise be.

In the sneak peek below, the major cause of concern is David Clarke, who is not seemingly about to die because of some sort of devious plot at all (a major change for the show, we know). Instead, he is battling a form of cancer, which just seems to be yet another cruel way to make Emily Thorne miserable even after everything that she has gone through (which is a lot). He visits her in jail, where she is awaiting her fate after the death of Victoria, and she does everything in her power to convince him that Victoria is actually still alive.

The problem here? This is one conspiracy theory that just so happens to be false. She is very much dead, and Emily is barking up the wrong tree. What she has to realize is that she took her own life, but did it in such a way with the help of Mason and others that would ensure Emily would finally suffer for some of her own actions.

“Revenge” can be a powerful things; however, what Emily is about to learn is that there are further consequences for those who try too hard to seek it.

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