‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 7 review: Black Sky, Stick, Foggy the hero

Now that Fisk has made Matt the target of the whole city, how is he going to be able to help put bad guys out of business while all eyes are on him? That is where we are at in the latest episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and one thing is for certain – this show isn’t afraid to raise the stakes no matter how early on in the run they are. We are only at episode 7 of season one and already we have our hero facing down the entire city!

We had a chance to look back into Matt’s past again – After his father died he was sent to an orphanage where the nuns brought in a blind man (named Stick) who is an expert at helping the blind… and with that we have found Matt’s mentor. He teaches Matt to stop moping around and to embrace the other gifts that he has. He tells Matt that he’s going to help him focus his energy into dissecting sounds, smells and tastes and hone in his skills, but also how to fight. When Matt give Stick a very thoughtful gift, Stick pulls the plug on the training and disappears from his life.

Now that the Russians have been taken down, the heads of the other mobs are getting a little nervous that the same could happen to them. Daredevil is still out there shaking trees to find Fisk, but instead he runs into Stick. It seems that he’s back in Matt’s life to give him a hard time, telling him to cut out the women, friends, the job and the cushy apartment so that he can focus on being a warrior saying that comforts make a man weak. Why he’s really back in town is to go after a weapon named Black Sky (which turns out to be a child), and he needs Matt’s help to get this weapon off the street. Stick uses Matt as a distraction to kill the child and Matt kicks him out of his life, but not before finding that Stick has been carrying around the gift he gave him as a child.

One thing we weren’t crazy about in this episode: When it was brought to Karen’s attention that Foggy is in love with her and she reacts like she didn’t know (which is ridiculous) and that she’s not interested (even though she has been acting like she is). Also she called Matt handsome, so that’s where her head is. After watching Foggy save Karen’s life tonight, we really don’t know why Karen’s head is with Matt who has shown zero interest in her.

Now that Daredevil is everywhere in the news, we are wondering why not one person has said anything about his eyes being completely covered by a mask. Also, Karen and Ben are still trying to dig up dirt on United Allied, but we really aren’t that invested in this story, so we hope that it starts to go somewhere soon. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil”? Leave us a comment below and tell us if you think Karen is really that clueless about Foggy’s feelings.

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