‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 2, episode 19 review: The Ultron premonition

Agents of SHIELD -Tonight, the story on Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” was about a variety of different things, whether it be teamwork, redemption, and trying to escape death. We also learned a thing or to more about what Gonzales’ ultimate plan here when it comes to Phil Coulson and Skye. Specifically, he wanted to capture her and figure out how to control her now that she is contained. This came after a major plan was hatched to take down a Hydra base, and also make sure that a certain scepter did not fall into their hands.

As great as much of this particular adventure was to watch, we’re somehow still entranced by that premonition that Raina had at the end of the episode: Ultron is coming. The same goes for Coulson saying that the time is right to bring in the Avengers. This was the perfect foundation episode for “Age of Ultron.”

Will the movie change the events of the show forever? We would not count on that. Everything that we have heard so far suggests that the show is not going in the direction of radical change, but we do still think the foundation of Hydra could be difference once the movie is over. That is what makes this particular episode a tricky one to review, other than saying that Raina is still an awesome character in short spurts and that Sky working to do what she can to revive Lincoln made for tense TV.

Also, let’s talk about a little victory here: Cheers for a Cobie Smulders cameo! We’ll take any of Maria Hill on the show that we can.

“Agents of SHIELD” is for the most part still delivering, even though the complicated nature of the MCU can at times make things a little difficult to follow if you are behind on something. The import thing about “The Dirty Half-Dozen” tonight was that it rescued Deathlok, gave us the aforementioned premonition, and set things up more for a story all about the Inhumans in the final act. Grade: B+.

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