‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 3 review: Matt, Foggy take on a revealing case

On the premiere of “Marvel’s Daredevil” we had Karen meeting Matt and Foggy under some pretty dire circumstances, but after the United Allied pension ledger was released to the public, the heat simmered down on Karen. That being said the mysterious man behind all of this wanted to have a close watch on her as well as Matt and Foggy, just in case. Looks like on this episode we are going to dive further into that story.

The right hand man of Mr. Mysterious, James Wesley, has brought a very lucrative offer to Matt and Foggy, saying that his boss wants to have them on retainer and has offered them a large sum of money. Foggy is interested, but Matt has some serious reservations about the whole thing. When James reveals that he knows about Karen’s situation, Matt knows that he’s involved some how since she was never formally charged with anything. Matt and Foggy agree to take a look at one of their cases to see if this is the kind of work they want, but when Foggy realizes that their client is a cold blooded killer with no regrets he wants out. Matt on the other hand wants to get deeper into it since he knows that this is a life line to learn more about James and his employer. Eventually Matt (as Daredevil) is able to find out that the mysterious man that hired them is named Wilson Fisk – now he just has to figure out where he is.

When Karen gets a letter from what was United Allied, she meets with a representative and learns that they want her to sign an agreement that she will not reveal any further information about the company and in return they won’t sue her from breaking her non-disclosure agreement (she is also offered 6 months salary). Karen goes to Daniel’s wife to try to see if she knows anything and she tells Karen that she’s already signed the non-disclosure and suggests that she do the same and move on. Karen doesn’t know how to move on, so she instead goes to Ben, the reporter who exposed United Allied, and says that she wants to help him expose all of it.

There was a lot to like about this episode, especially seeing Foggy and Matt go to trial and work their magic. As much as we love seeing Daredevil out in the world kicking butt and taking names (literally this week) we also like to see them at work. We don’t suspect that this will ever turn into a law show, but glimpses of that are nice to see. Episode grade: B-

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