ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 21 preview: Emily Thorne pieces through the wreckage

Revenge -At the end of this past episode of “Revenge,” we saw what was arguably the most shocking moment in the history of the show: Victoria Grayson meeting her end. What was particularly surprising about this moment, though (at least to us), was that she did not die as a result of conflict with anyone else. Instead, she authored her own demise, and allowed the surrounding flames to consumer her from within her old home.

In the sneak peek below for Sunday night’s “Aftermath,” what you have here is a prime opportunity to experience how many of the other characters tied to Victoria start to process some of the news for themselves. For example, you have Margaux and Louise being the first two to read her suicide note. Meanwhile, Emily Thorne is the one to arrive at her house, and piece together the wreckage in order to uncover Victoria’s body, identified mostly through a piece of jewelry.

Is it possible that Victoria tried to plant evidence in order to frame Emily for her death? Sure, but you don’t really get a full sense of that in the sneak peek. It would have to be something that either Louise and Margaux decided upon themselves, or a hidden part of the note that they are reading. This feels more like she simply did not want the pressure and the pain of being a villain anymore.

Granted, the #1 question that still should be on your mind as a reader is this: Is it possible that these two ladies could forge ahead with a plan of their own to destroy Emily? You have to at least think that it’s possible.

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