ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 4, episode 20 review: Is Jake Ballard really dead?

More scoop -Tonight, Shonda Rhimes may have already composed her version of the Red Wedding. We already know what happened over on “Grey’s Anatomy” (we won’t spoil it here if you have not seen it yet), but over on “Scandal” we had a chance to see whether or not the show was going to do something even more terrible to Jake Ballard. Before we even learned that definitively one way or another, we did see a variety of other bodies hit the floor. Rowan was on a rampage, and did so as a lesson to Olivia not to trifle with him.

The good news for Jake is that it seems as though he is actually still alive, even if we did have another trail of bodies. The bad news here is that she has seemingly decided to throw in the towel, thinking she has no hope against her father.

The key word here was “seemingly.” Olivia tricked Russell into thinking that she was still completely oblivious, and seduced him in order to get a gun pointed right at his head. Come next week, there could be another body falling on the show: Russell’s.

While much of Rowan’s killing spree was under way, there were also many questions about Mellie’s political career, and if she potentially stands a chance to be elected Senator from Virginia. For a time, it appeared as though her political goose was cooked. She struggled time and time again to get anyone to take her seriously; also, Sally Langston questioned if she could be a First Lady and a Senator, while fulfilling her duties. In the end, Olivia may have helped Mellie out!

Bonus points for “Scandal” for not actually killing Jake, even if it appeared like it was going to happen for the longest time. Now if only they can find a way to take out B613 once and for all, we’d be happy. This organization has always been a little too out of some spy cartoon, and the show could do with a little bit more room to breathe. Grade: B.

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