‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 8, episode 22 review: Someone call tech support

The Big Bang TheoryWe have to start this “Big Bang Theory” episode review by saying this: There was no real reason that this show should have been as funny as it was. There was nothing that revolutionary about the story, and there were really only a few different sets that were even used.

Also, one of the major plotlines revolved around a toy helicopter that Howard could not repair, even though he has the education and all of the tools in order to do it. This helicopter was purchased by Raj … or Raj’s father, who he has mooched on for years. We like that there is this part of his personality, but it isn’t beaten into the ground to the point where it is all that he is about. This is something that annoyed us to no end when it comes to Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men.”

The other part of this story that was funny was mostly the elitist attitude that most of the characters had about tech support, which often goes beyond just geeks and into normal macho men who think that they can solve any problem. Maybe they can only around 20% of the time.

As for the other story, we had Leonard give a somewhat-dull and somewhat-inspiring graduation address to his old high school. This was pleasant, but we cannot exactly say that it moved us in any real way. This would have been such a funnier storyline if they had actually been able to get him around other real people versus just on a computer. That’s the funny thing: This is a really successful show, and yet at the same time it feels like they are saving money at times.

Overall, a decent but forgettable half-hour of TV. Grade: B-.

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