‘Criminal Minds’ season 10, episode 22 review: Meg in trouble with stranger danger

Criminal Minds -Last week on “Criminal Minds” we saw a big Hotch episode where he was forced to look at some of his biggest fears and even after the suspect was apprehended, Hotch was still reeling from the experience. We don’t expect that we will see any movement on that tonight (or if they will ever touch on it again), but we hope that they will revisit again at some point.

The case of the week involves a man that thinks he’s cleaning up his neighborhood by killing street walkers and the men that hire them (or any other people he deems as bad news). He’s completely psychotic and nothing like Batman or Daredevil if that’s what you were hoping for. One woman may have witnessed a murder – a woman who is also a mom and finds a way to relate to Kate and her pregnancy.

Speaking of Kate, things are going to get really bad for her during next week’s season finale when the Meg storyline comes back into play. We saw Meg lying to Kate about where she is going and what she’s doing to meet up with “Bobby”, the stalker that’s been after Meg. “bobby’s mom” picks up Meg and her friend and drives away and things are looking bad for them.

We’ve been spoiled lately with episodes of the show that involve our main cast giving us a deeper look into their personal lives. We know that there are a lot of fans out there that love these types of episodes where the focus is solely on the crime of the week (especially the really good ones!), but we also really love the ones that that focus on our main crew. Episode grade: C+

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