‘Chicago Fire’ season 3, episode 20 review: Mills makes his move

Chicago Fire -To us, there is almost zero question that there are going to be people extremely upset by some of the events of Tuesday night’s “Chicago Fire” episode, and you know what? We definitely understand where they are coming from. Mills is a character who was beloved in many ways, and he also happened to come back from almost certain death more than once.

What we’re trying to get at here is simple: We understand why the guy would want to leave and go to North Carolina. He’s got a chance at a new start, one that doesn’t have him back out risking his life again. He can contribute to the world in a different way. Also, being around Dawson so much has to inhibit his ability to move forward.

One other thing we’ll say here is that from the perspective of the show, it makes total sense. Of course, nobody wants to see a character like Mills go away, but there is a certain part of reality that this series is clinging to. They are not trying to create a firehouse environment where the same characters work there forever. Sure, you do have people like Herrmann and Boden who are around a long time, but you have those in Leslie Shay who die, and those in Mills who decide they want to do other things. Such is life.

It is also in life that sometimes that you can say goodbye without it being a sad ending. We feel like everyone else in the house will be happy to know that he is out there living his life. This move does overshadow the rest of the episode to us, but for the most part we give the writers credit for handling it in what we feel was the right way. If Mills died or was sent away with his tail between his legs, it would be a hard pill to swallow. Grade: B.

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