‘The Flash’ episode 19 review: ‘Barry’ kisses Caitlin; Cisco meets the Canary

Caitlin -While we would say that the majority of Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Flash” entitled “Who Is Harrison Wells” was fairly useless, we still found ourselves enjoying a whole lot of it. Much of that may be due to the show’s presentation of Hannibal Bates, a faceless villain whose power was basically morphing into various people in order to duck cover. This has to be a fun episode for the cast to film, since everyone from Candice Patton to Grant Gustin gets a chance to play outside of themselves for a minute.

The biggest thing that you should know about the episode is that Caitlin has finally come on board completely with the idea of taking down Harrison Wells after learning that the man she has been working with is not the real Dr. Wells at all. This came after Cisco and Joe paid a visit to Starling City, where a pair of key revelations took place. They then discovered his secret Reverse Flash lair, and the headlines about The Flash going missing in the newspaper. Finally! Here are the two major highlights:

1. Joe encouraging Quentin Lance to actually forgive Laurel, which could be very important on “Arrow” moving forward.

2. Cisco meeting Laurel, learning she is the Black Canary, and getting a photo with her in costume in return for the new “canary cry” device she holds dear.

Now, entertainment! The awkwardness following Bates-as-Barry kissing Caitlin made for many an awkward moment, and we’re not sure Caitlin’s even going to tell him much about it. We don’t really know what any of this means to SnowBarry ‘shippers just yet!

Overall, a really enjoyable episode of the show. Sure, it didn’t necessarily push anything forward and there were some convenient moments, but lots of fun from start to finish. Grade: B+.

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