NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: India Carney, Sawyer Fredericks, Corey Kent White take on top 10

Voice -Tonight, the top ten on “The Voice” are taking the stage with some songs that are based around no real theme at all other than trying to impress the voting public. Before the show, we were admittedly down on the song choices, but a few of them managed to rise to the occasion and give us something more than we thought they would be! Of course, there were also a few who didn’t do too much at all. We’ve got a pretty clear divide between the top and bottom singers at the moment.

Take a look at our quick-takes on the performance below. As per usual, we’re going to leave out the mostly-inane critiques from the coaches (which are hardly critiques at all the vast majority of the time).

Kimberly Nichole, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” – Fierce, fun, and a great way to start the show. It’s tough to go from performing last (the best spot of the night) to performing first, but she really managed to pull this off almost without hesitation.

Joshua Davis, “Hold Back the River” – Love the song choice. It took some time to really get going, but when it did we totally dug it. We don’t know why Joshua keeps getting stuck early in the show, but it hasn’t hurt him in the votes yet.

Deanna Johnson, “Somebody to Love” – This performance didn’t really make her into somebody to love in the competition. It felt much too calculated and karaoke, and it showed that she is better going in more of a soulful, slowed-down route. We were hoping for the Queen song.

Hannah Kirby, “Shout” – Given that she shouted most of the performance, the choice seems appropriate! We hate making the predictable joke, but we have been a pretty staunch defender of Hannah all season. We really don’t want to see her struggle.

Meghan Linsey, “Home” – This was almost akin to Joshua’s performance. So-so start, but an incredible finish that really got us on board with almost everything that she can do in the competition.

Koryn Hawthorne, “Make It Rain” – We were at first skeptical about her choosing this song based on the Matt McAndrew version, but it really felt like her own version. She killed it!

Rob Taylor, “A Song For You” – Rob can sing, but it feels a little too much like “okay, I’m going to hit the big note here, and then I’m getting up from the piano here.” We don’t get the emotional attachment to the lyrics.

Corey Kent White, “Unwound” – Appealing to the country base! It was a strange song lyrically for him to do, but the devoted following of Blake Shelton’s out there should really devour this alive.

Sawyer, Fredericks, “Iris” – Don’t love the song choice. Then again, we genuinely loved this version about 100 times more than we did the original. There’s just something magic about the way that he sings. It’s emotional, and you hang on almost every word that he sings.

India Carney, “Run to You” – Another Whitney Houston classic. It was a nice way to close the show, but we don’t know if it was as impressive as the way Kimberly closed the show last week. It should definitely still be enough to keep you around.

Who was your favorite tonight? Vote in our attached poll, and head over here to see where we ranked everyone going into the weekend! Also, head over here to get some other song-worthy TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: NBC.)

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