‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’: Jeff Probst finally reveals secret twist

Jeff Probst -Obviously, we should start this “Survivor: Worlds Apart” article with a warning that it contains information on an upcoming twist. Therefore, stop reading now if you want to avoid anything that you’d consider to be a spoiler.

Still with us? Good. Let’s discuss here a twist that has been hyped up for some time, and according to Entertainment Weekly, will be sold at the food auction Wednesday night. This will be a way for a single player to potentially change the game; while it may not be as powerful as an immunity idol when it comes to saving yourself, it could still allow you to get out a big threat in the right situation. Let’s allow Jeff Probst to give an explanation for just what we’re looking at here:

“We have a new twist this season which is an extra vote … Somebody will be given a second vote at Tribal Council and literally will be allowed to vote two times at one Tribal Council—which as you know from watching the game, sometimes one more vote is all it takes to flip the entire game. And because nobody knows it’s coming, they don’t really even know what they’re playing for. And then the question becomes for the person who gets it: What do I do with it? How do I make sure this works to my advantage? When is the perfect time to play it?”

Probst has already said that this twist turns out “great,” which to us means that it will play some sort of a role in a big move. As far as twists go, we like this one: It could help you to get rid of a threat, but it is not so powerful that you will be able to get rid of someone without some help from other players first. Given, though, that we basically have a variety of different alliances working right now, this could be an asset in ensuring one of them is able to overtake the other without an extra swing vote.

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