‘Revenge’ seemingly canceled even more than before, thanks to ABC narrator

Revenge -“The first of the final four episodes of Revenge.” This is what the ABC narrator said moving into Sunday night’s new episode of the series, which is probably enough fuel at this point for it to be more or less confirmed: The show has been canceled after four seasons. We’re not saying that it is official (the network is still remaining quiet for some reason), but it may as well be at this point.

Now, the only thing we are slightly confused about is this: Why take such a roundabout way to announce the news? Why not just let the cast or producers come out with an official statement? It feels like a blindside to many of them as well as the fans, and also a way to sort of say the news without really saying it. Are they afraid of a backlash from the fans? Maybe this is ABC’s way of keeping their options open in the event they do issue an 11th-hour renewal, saying that we just misinterpreted everything that they were saying.

At this point, we advise that the best thing that you can do when it comes to “Revenge” is just to prepare for the worst, or at least accept the fact that the show is almost certainly ending. If anything else happens, fans can be pleasantly surprised. Either way, it has been a fun, and intense four seasons that have really pushed the envelope for a primetime soap. The series has had its fair share of high points and low points, but here’s to hoping that it goes out strong.

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