‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 3 review: Double elimination leaves artists in shock

This season of “Ink Master” clearly has a divided cast: There are top dogs that are incredibly good at their craft and then there are some artists that just aren’t there yet but are still very good and because of these top dogs, it’s making the good artists look worse then they are. We are expecting a bloodletting tonight as the judges quickly weed out the weaker artists and get this competition rolling with the top dogs.

The artists will be tested on their ability to add texture to a tattoo this week in the flash challenge and will tattoo a leg garter on a model. We were a little surprised to hear the judges praising Tatu Baby for an unfinished piece, and we are worried that she is going to get special treatment this season because she is a returning artist.  The winner of this challenge was Joshua (who we just can’t get enough of) and in a bit of a shocker, the judges eliminated Maddie before getting to the elimination tattoo, saying that she only had basic texture in her tattoo. The bloodletting has begun.

For the elimination tattoo the artists all had to design and tattoo a phoenix – very difficult to do since fire has a lot of texture, but it’s a great concept to show us if the artists can step up to the plate. Craig was the winner and we are expecting him to go far this season, He’s just so good! Unfortunately with every win there has to be a loss and James Danger went home after he and his canvas butted heads and his canvas walked out on him.

The judges felt that working with a difficult client and giving them confidence in you as an artist was important to being an Ink Master, but coupled that with his garter tattoo that they felt was flat it seemed like the right person to send home. Episode grade: B-

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