‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ exclusive: Joe Anglim on fake idols, being huge target, Jenn’s apathy

Joe -Joe Anglim is basically on the surface almost everything you would want in a “Survivor” contestant. He is passionate about the game, athletic, and likable at the same time. He is reminiscent in many ways of some of the other young, athletic guys to be on the show, such as an Aras or a Malcolm or an Ozzy.

The different here is that those guys managed to figure out in at least one of their seasons a way to stay in the game despite being such an obvious threat. For some reason, Joe just couldn’t. Despite a very entertaining play with a fake immunity idol and Jenn openly wanting to quit the game, he still was eliminated in a close vote last night. Shirin’s decision to vote him out is ultimately what caused his torch to be snuffed out by Jeff Probst. We had a chance to speak with Joe about many components related to his game on Thursday morning, and it was a pretty fun chat that basically reminded us yet again why he was such a target. He’s just so likable!

CarterMatt – So I think the first question on everyone’s mind here is this: When are you going to come out with your line of immunity idol-inspired jewelry?

Joe Anglim (laughs) – Hopefully sooner rather than later. They’re a hot item, they’re gonna be flying off the shelves hopefully!

I don’t know. I was actually hoping to launch a website here soon with some of my artwork, paintings, sculptures, jewelry and stuff soon. I don’t know, maybe there’s going to be a little bit of a ‘Survivor’ link flying. ‘Survivor’ imitation jewelry! Handmade artwork by yours truly.

Given your artistic background, did you know going into the game that you wanted to make a fake idol?

Yeah. I’ve been wanting to make a fake idol since I first saw the show. I always wanted to play the game and make a fake idol. I checked that off my list. But I just knew going into the game that I was going to be a threat, and I have my artistic background like you said. I didn’t tell anyone I was a jeweler. I told them that I was a handyman, bartender, server, and a painter. I’m a painting guy. I graduated with an art degree, but I’m a painter. They didn’t really know about the jewelry side of me.

You have the tools and the toolbox, so you might as well use them! I had the pieces there, so I figure if I had to make something real quick that I could throw it together. It almost worked! I don’t know if it passed the test, but it was still fun, though!

It’s almost strange to talk about what happened, because in a way you were voted out just because you were too good. It’s flattering, but is there a way that a guy like you who wins so many challenges and seems to get along with people so well can stay in the game? Is there anything you can do be less of a target?

Not be so damn nice. (Laughs.) Coming into the game, I was Malcolm-esque physically, and after the first challenge I painted a huge target on my back. I was at a disadvantage. There wasn’t anyone else who stood out; there wasn’t two or three other guys who were doing what I was doing, in that regard. I was just a big-old shiny target.

I could’ve downplayed my skills a little bit, and not go so hard, but it’s hard! Especially when I wanted to play for so long, and my adrenaline was the highest it had ever been my entire life. You just go! Going into the merge I knew I was target #1, and if I didn’t win, I would go home.

Was there a chance to go someone like a Mike or a Rodney and say ‘hey, you want to keep me because I’m a shield. After I go, who do you think is going to be the biggest target now?’

You hit the nail on the head. That was a conversation I had with both Mike and Tyler. I [told them] after I’m gone, [they] were going to be enemy number two and three. That was kind of my pitch to Mike was trying to pull one over on him with the fake ‘merge idol.’ I wanted to make something that was different than the round idol, so I was thinking that if someone from the original Blue Collar has the Blue Idol it would be a circle, so [I made] a merge idol. [I said] ‘Yo Mike, they’re coming after you next bro. Let’s link together and use this immunity in a couple votes to save each other, and let’s run to the end together.’

I really didn’t have a play. I was talking to a lot of different people and pitching a lit of different things, but it was just that no one wanted to play with me. It was kind of a bummer. I mean, we were playing the game, but I never could get into any strategy. No one really wanted to play strategy with me.

Let’s go back to once upon a time when there was another big target on the No Collar tribe in Vince Sly. Do you think things could have been different for you had he stuck around?

Honestly if I could have had it my way, I would’ve loved for it to be myself, Vince, and the girls. But unfortunately as you saw Vince was playing too intense, too fast and he rubbed some people the wrong way. This game is all about groupthink, and everyone was just kind of sick of Vince. Even though he and I butted heads, I wanted him to stick around because we [would be able to] win challenges. I didn’t want him to go. For the sake of the tribe’s happiness, we chose to vote him out.

It’s an interesting game, you know? How do you base your vote? Where is everyone’s head at? He was a smart dude, very intelligent. It’s tough when you have six people on your tribe, you know?

Will was someone who went a little rogue on the Vince vote, and we still don’t really have a great since watching where his head is at. What is your take on Will?

Me and Will, we had an alliance from day one together. I formed a really good, strong friendship with Will. We prayed together, we talked about family and faith, and we were really close. In my eyes, I’m locked in with Will, so when he jumped the fence right away, I had no idea. None of us did … We were thinking ‘oh, Shirin is flip-flopping and trying to work her way in.’

I think I blinded myself, and I really didn’t look into it as much as I should’ve, and I put a lot of my trust in Will. So yeah, hindsight’s [50-50].

How hard was it for you to deal Jenn basically throwing in the towel?

Jenn was tapped out and in that mindset. I was throwing her under the bus, man, to every single person! I was saying that ‘Jenn doesn’t want to be here, I don’t think she deserves it.’ I love Jenn. I love her to death. I would go to bat for her 100 times out of 100. But in this case and this game, we are in an ‘alliance’ but I was throwing her under the bus. I wanted to be there, and I wanted to play with people who wanted to play. Let me play!

At the same time, it was kind of good strategy on their part. She doesn’t want to be there, so [let’s] keep her around.

Let’s talk about going back, because I’m sure you would go back. Is there any way that you would change your game, maybe be a little more of Jerky Joe or something, to make yourself less of a threat?

The thing is, if I go back hypothetically people would know how I played. I played pretty honest and true to myself; what you saw out there is what you get. I’m that way. I think I would play a very similar game, but I hope the people I would align with would put trust in me and use me and my, if you will, athletic ability to our advantage. If we can trust each and work it out … you have to get to the end. That’s what it’s all about, and then make your case.

I think I’d play about the same. I’d make friendships and play hard. Cutthroat. I don’t care who you are; let’s battle. We’ll see! Let’s hope so; I’d be honored and I’d love it.

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