‘Justified’ season 6, series finale review: Did Ava, Raylan or Boyd die?

It has been a long road for fans of “Justified” to get to the final show down between Raylan and Boyd, but here we are. The sun is setting on this series, and we expect a lot of things to go down tonight. Can Boyd get away? Will Ava die? And will Raylan ever make it to Florida and become the father he wants to be to his little girl? There are a lot of questions to be answered… so let’s take a look at the finale episode of “Justified”.

Boyd: He’s lucky he wasn’t more damaged then he was after getting blown up by Zachariah, and when the phone starts ringing in the cabin his luck changes again. Boyd picks up and Ava’s on the other end – she tells him the situation (Avery’s money for her life) and agrees to help because Ava is the only person alive that knows where the money is. Boyd shows up to Avery’s place and there is a shoot out that leaves Avery and his men dead. Boyd asks Ava why she did what she did to him, and she says that she put herself in Boyd’s shoes and did what she thought he would do to her. It was a crushing moment, especially since we don’t think he would’ve turned on her again.

Raylan shows up and pushes Boyd into pulling his gun on him so Raylan can shoot him with cause, but Boyd refuses leaving Raylan no choice but to arrest him and Boyd swears revenge on Ava and Raylan when he gets out of prison. While diving Ava off to jail they get run off the road by Loretta and Avery’s most trusted man… the sharp shooter. While we didn’t get a show down between Raylan and Boyd, we did get one here with Avery’s man getting put down and Raylan’s hat getting shot off his head. While Raylan is laying on the ground, Ava steals his car and takes off.

Four years later: We get a look into everyone’s lives 4 years later and Raylan’s out in Florida with his daughter, working on being the best dad he can. Looks like his relationship with Winona didn’t work out as planned and she is with another man that seems like a good person, but he’s got a new job, working for the Marshals service out there.

As for Ava, well Raylan has figured out where she is (living at a ranch house helping people) and everyone suspects that Duffy helped her escape in exchange for the cash. She reveals that she has a son… Boyd’s son and Raylan promises not to tell anyone and lets her stay a free woman.

And last but not least Boyd is still in jail and he’s spreading the word of the lord again and gathering a flock. Raylan shows up at the prison to talk to him one last time and tells him that they found Ava and that she’s dead. He keeps his word to protect her and her son.

We didn’t want to see Boyd die, but at the same time we would’ve loved to have seen a shoot out between him and Raylan – not Raylan and some nobody we don’t care about. Seeing Boyd get arrested and Raylan doing the right thing for once instead of acting on his emotions was a nice change and showed some growth. It also gave us a last moment with Raylan and Boyd talking at the prison, which was a moment we would’ve lost if Boyd had died. Series finales are always hard and there’s always people that will be disappointed, but we thought as far as series finales go there were a lot of great moments. Episode grade: A-

What did you think of the series finale of “Justified”? Was it everything you wanted to see for Boyd, Ava and Raylan? Share with a comment.

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